Fitness is freedom.

Get fit for wherever life takes you.

Hi. Welcome to Dauntless.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over twenty years, and I am dedicated to helping my clients get the most out of life. I work (mostly) with clients 40+, and while most of us have an ache here and a pain there, those are manageable with safe, effective programming. (They may even disappear…)

My approach is based on time-tested premises:

  • The fundamentals work
  • Mobility is strength
  • Consistency is key
  • Small things can create big change.

We don’t quit playing because we grow old.

We grow old because we quit playing.

Aging is a perspective, one that can lock you onto long-held beliefs that don’t serve you. These old beliefs can restrict your sense of possibility.  Or, your years can be a source of wisdom, which you can use to unlock your further potential.

We often use aging as an excuse, cutting ourselves off from both things we love to do as well as new experiences and challenges. But often, our years can be a catalyst – maybe even for our most meaningful experiences ever.

Here’s the thing. While aging is happening to all of us, we have tremendous influence over this process. Allowing it to limit you is a choice.

So – are you going to let your attitude about aging defeat you, or will you leverage it to empower you? Let’s go. 

“I am now nearing 60 and I am the strongest I have ever been.” 


“We work out with a fun, dedicated group. It enables and inspires all of our other adventures.”

Chris & Kevin

“Taking challenges with a positive attitude has shown me a better place. “


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