By the time I turned 50 I’d had 2 major back surgeries along with surgeries to repair arthritis damage in both wrists. I knew by the time I reached retirement a wheelchair was going to be in my future. That was not going to happen. I needed to get strong.  I needed some help. Fast forward, I am now nearing 60 and not only am I not in a wheelchair but I am the strongest I have ever been. 

Maureen Hervada


We started with Dauntless as weekend warriors with Rebecca, to get strong and work out with a community. The coaches have made it possible for us to adapt and work on our fitness goals no matter what we experience as we age. When the pandemic changed our work schedules, we felt fortunate to add two more workouts each week with Louise, who designed opportunities to fit our new environment. We work out with experienced coaches and a fun, dedicated group. It’s a lifestyle we love, and it enables and inspires all of our other adventures.

Kevin & Chris Zachery

Enhance your life experience.

Achieve fitness for the life you want to live.

We don’t quit playing
because we grow old.

We grow old…
because we quit playing. 

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