“Nothing happens until something moves.” Some Einstein wisdom, and one of Beth’s favorite quotes.  It is so true that we can get so caught up in our current situation that we feel stuck, even paralyzed.  We glue ourself to the “all or nothing” concept, and forget that even small progress is still progress.  We relinquish control of our well-being to others and blame, excuse, and stall.

The honest truth is that until you do something differently, even one, tiny thing, you will continue to feel the very same way that you currently do.  But large or small: this change begins with your thoughts.

Until you think differently about a situation your results will be the same.  It is not until you attach yourself to a new thought and then try it out, will you gain evidence for the new perspective you seek.  Look at the different outcomes that come from pursuing these two thoughts:

“I don’t think I can”  vs.  “Maybe I can”.

‘This isn’t enough so I’ll start tomorrow”  vs. “This little bit keeps me engaged and moves me closer”.

“This is the only way I know” vs  “I wonder if there is another way”.

The change you seek may be dramatic but the process starts in the same place: your thoughts.

So think differently. And then do differently.

And don’t ever forget: Mt. Everest is climbed one tiny step at a time.

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