“You are what you eat” used to be just a catchy phrase, but nutritional science is proving it to be absolutely true.  You ingest something – organic (carbon-based) food or something our culture calls food  – and your body breaks it down to extract what it needs to function optimally.  After taking what it needs, it excretes the rest.  Amazing design and function, and something we take for granted every day.

As efficient as this system is at dealing with those things we eat that it doesn’t need – food dyes, chemical additives, pesticides for example – the system can get overloaded.  When our body doesn’t get enough of what it does need the result is imbalance (gut problems), inefficiency (slow healing), sub-optimal performance (low energy), disease (long list).  Another catchy phrase: food is the original medicine.  Also true.

You really are what you eat.  You are walking around in your original home – the one true physical home that will always be yours.  Think of all the things you work to keep clean:  your clothes, your car, your house, your fingernails, your face, your dishes…how clean are your insides?

Eat well = function well.  Function well = feel good.  It truly is that simple.

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