This seemed to make an impression on the 9am group yesterday.  I threw it out there as I was explaining how if the progression of weights they were lifting was too easy then they needed to move up to the next. 

It’s Monday morning.  Post Super Bowl.  (Go Hawks!) The concept of “too easy” was lost on them. So when I saw the blank stares, I planted a seed in their minds:

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”. 

As goes lifting weights, so goes life.  We adapt to what challenges us.  No challenge = no change.  Changing your routine, starting something new (anything), facing the unknown…it all requires your brain and your body to move out of the comfortable and easy, a.k.a. “breaking the habit”.

Since both your brain and your body love the concept of easy, stay with this new thing and you’ll adapt. Change!  And then the new thing becomes your new easy.  Get it?

If you want to change, you’ve got to be willing to be challenged.  Maybe a little (recommended for increased likelihood of success) or maybe a lot – but for sure: no challenge: no change.  Ask either of the ladies in this picture or anyone in the Dauntless community.  We’re all in it together – working towards a new and healthier easy.

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