Special congrats to:

  • WK, who shed 9 pounds last week by staying totally focused on the possibilities. His response to the news from the scale: “I know it won’t stay like this, but I feel so good doing what I’m doing now and it’s so easy to do.”   Score.
  • To AM, who’s down 34.5 lbs and like W, totally focused on the possibilities.
  • To JH, who scored a PB  in a 1/2 marathon last weekend after “getting out of her head” and trusting her strength.

It takes awareness and practice to stay focused on what is working and what does go as planned.  It takes determination to not get totally derailed when a speed bump shows up.  And it takes a little compassion to accept that we lead exceptionally busy, often hectic lives and sometimes it can take a while for something new to grab hold.

But, what if?   What if you shifted from “I don’t have an hour today” to “I’ve got 30 minutes, what can I do with it?”  or “There’s nothing on this menu I want to eat” to “What’s the best of the worst here?” or  “I’ll never get there” to “How can I move closer to my goal today” ?

Focusing on your limitations keeps you firmly planted. Searching for the fast, magic solution delays your true progress. Focusing on the possibilities taps into your creative process, and that’s where progress is made.

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