30 minutes gets it done. We’ll show you how. 

The Dauntless30 program is designed to get you moving; to replace the workout that you’re NOT doing. 

Fast-paced, effective, suitable for all levels of fitness.  

Your first class is free; after that 10 bucks each.  Buy a pack and use them when you can – they don’t expire. Classes are small, and you can reserve your spot online (pretty cool – we’ll show you how).

Starting the week of May 19 we’re offering 11 classes:  

  • M/W/F  6:30am with Ben  
  • Tue/Thu  5:00pm with Dale
  • Tue/Thu  5:30pm with Craig
  • Tue/Fri  9am & 9:30am with Beth. 

Wouldn’t it feel better to be stronger? One by one we’re eliminating your excuses.  Come on in and join the fun.  Here’s some feedback:

“Great workout tonight. Defiantly encourage anyone who wants to start learning how to fit in amazing workouts in short periods of time to attend. Happily sore tonight.”

Crazy fun and challenging workout tonight. 30 minutes flew by in a blink and I left fatigued head-to-toe and drenched. You challenged me mentally and physically every minute! Looking forward to many more of the Dauntless30!”

My legs were on fire, I’ve got a tug in my chest muscles, and the heart rate monitor read 540 Calories burned! Not bad for 30 minutes!”

We hope to see you soon!

– The Dauntless Team


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