It starts with a positive thought.

Inevitably the conversation starts with: “Well, I haven’t been perfect…”.

Among the 90+ people participating in the Dauntless Whole Life Challenge there were probably 90 reasons for  signing up.  All of them had something to do with the broad concept of “being healthier”.  By that definition, if one were to follow just one of the 7 daily habits, they would be “healthier”, but more specifically, they would be practicing healthy habits.  Being healthier means doing healthier. Regularly.

Practice is the operative word.  “Bad” habits take practice not to become bad, but to become a habit. Same holds for a habit we label as “good” or “healthy”.  It must be practiced.  For more than 56 days, but that’s a good start.

There are many different approaches to getting healthier, but the least effective is to shoot for perfection.  When it comes to your own health; what do you want?  What are you doing daily to create that?

The Whole Life Challenge is about doing some new things and doing them daily.  Health is not a goal you will reach, it is a lifestyle you will build. By choice and dedication. Some days more than others. Strive to make progress.

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