Meet Fran.  Here’s what she told us when we asked her to write a few words about her experience with trainer Dale Barr:

“I was a 53-year old woman in the middle of a major life transition. I found the most wonderful trainer, one who would challenge me and not limit me by pre-conceptions of what a 50-something woman could accomplish. I have achieved a level of physical independence that few women my age can claim. And, my bone density has improved by five percent! “

How did this happen? Her dedication to strength training.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Improved physical performance and function.  Own the ability to participate in and enjoy the activities that greatly enhance your quality of life.  Make it through the day without exhaustion.
  • Enhanced bone structure. Nothing beats strength training for preserving or enhancing bone mass. Nothing. This is extremely important as you age.
  • Stronger connective tissue, which increases joint stability and reduces your risk of injury. (Got knees?)
  • Increased lean body mass and reduced levels of excess body fat. 5 pounds of muscle takes up much less space in your clothes than 5 lbs. of fat.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem. Being strong gives you the feeling of strong.  All day. Every day.
  • Look better in your birthday suit.

Women: you won’t get “bulky”, but you will actually see (and appreciate) the muscles you already have. You’ll feel better in your clothes.  You’ll feel more confident. Get your nutrition right at the same time and watch the stubborn body fat start to disappear.

Men: you want to lose weight and get “strong”?  You’re not going to cardio your way to more muscle and better fitness. To slowdown the aging process we must strength train. More benefits include improved posture, less back pain, reduced chances of diabetes and obesity, better sleep and a healthier heart.

A trainer will teach you how to strength train with proper technique, progress you safely so you can avoid injury, keep you motivated, and help track all the progress you’re making.  It doesn’t matter where you start out, 10lbs or 100lbs, what matters is YOU are doing the work and you’re getting stronger.  The journey may be long.  Trust the process and do the work.

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