Sometimes the most effective solution is the simplest.  And sometimes the simplest is one of the oldest. We tend to undervalue old methods.  We tend to overvalue new, and quick solutions. The health and fitness industry is a great example: how many exercise and diet fads have come and gone in the last decade as the average waistline has continued to increase along with lifestyle-related disease?

The (sometimes boring) movement fundamentals of using your body to push, pull, lift, and carry loads has outlasted all fads. The simplest approach of drinking plenty of water, preparing and eating fresh food, and limiting indulgences continues to be the most effective method for lasting weight loss and improved body composition.  A basic practice of meditation, which is nothing more than quietly focusing on the present moment (power off and be still), has been shown to reduce anxiety, combat depression and improve our sense of well-being better than any pharmaceutical on the market today.

Fundamentals are not merely a collection of good ideas. The fundamentals are a collection of good ideas that have outlasted thousands of bad ideas.

The secret weapon for your best health and fitness is tried and true: repetition of the fundamentals.  People who are happy with their health and their body do one thing really well: they practice their fundamentals consistently: regular exercise (lots or variation there), real food, good sleep, plenty of water, stress management, all in the context of a solid support system.  And if you’re thinking “yeah, yeah, yeah, but who has time for all that”…you do.  You just haven’t found your perfect system yet. It’s not as hard as you think.

The Fall 2015 Whole Life Challenge starts September 19th.  It’s 8 weeks of fundamentals: movement, food, water, reflection on your daily habits, teamwork. Lots of learning (can’t make progress without it) and plenty of structure (and we all need that).

Team Dauntless is up and running for our 4th Challenge.  Early bird registration ends Saturday 9/5.  (Repeaters: $24, new players $39.)  After 9/5  $49.  That’s less than $1/day for an easy way to practice the time-tested fundamentals to building a stronger and healthier body and mind.

What’s stopping you?

p.s. everyone registering before 9/5 gets a free mini coaching session with me to get laser-focused on your 8 week goal.

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