A new client at Dauntless has been with us for a month, and she wants to lose some body fat, get stronger, and just feel better overall.

She was a little discouraged last week by what the scale was showing. She expected more. But then we looked a little deeper at what the previous 4 weeks had brought about, and we found more: she’s lost 10 inches from around her middle, the quality of her sleep has improved dramatically (so long energy swings and cravings), she’s eating food that she likes, and she’s already almost doubled the amount of weight she can push, pull, and lift.  Her inner athlete is showing up – and she’s super excited.

There are so many reasons to move more and eat better that have nothing to do with the scale. Here are the best ones:


  1. Works as an antidepressant.
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  3. Boosts creativity.
  4. Wipes out allergies.
  5. Strengthens your heart.
  6. Helps you resist temptation.
  7. Reduces risk of metabolic syndrome (increased blood pressure/cholesterol, high blood sugar, and excessive fat around the waist—it’s one of the strongest indicators you’re headed for an early grave.)
  8. Lessens the risk of oodles of other diseases too.
  9. Makes you respect your body.
  10. Strengthens bones.
  11. Helps your fertility.
  12. Makes you a sex god or goddess.
  13. Improves self-esteem.
  14. Helps you sleep like a baby. (Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health.)
  15. Doesn’t just make you look younger, it makes you be younger.
  16. Pumps you up. Like, muscles.
  17. Blasts bad fat and boosts good fat. (Yes, there is good fat!)
  18. Makes you a good example for your loved ones.
  19. Makes you smarter.  (Improves memory, boosts cognition, helps you learn faster, increases brain volume, and even makes you a better reader.)
  20.  Manages chronic pain.


  1. Makes you happier.
  2. Protects your bones.
  3. Conquers cramps.  (And no, it’s not based on old wives’ tales. )
  4. Gives you an iron-clad immune system.
  5. Fixes your DNA.  (Eating a healthy diet can “turn on” good DNA and “turn off” some bad DNA)
  6. Makes you smarter, too. (Antioxidants from produce increases cognition and prevents memory loss.)
  7. Is the ultimate workout booster.
  8. Chills you out.
  9. Delivers clearer skin.
  10. Prevents insomnia.
  11. Soothes sore muscles.
  12. Gives you energy.
  13. Reduces cravings for bad food.
  14. It will make you win at life.

Ready?  Just start. You’ll feel better right away (thank you, endorphins), and you’ll be on your way to wherever you want to be.

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