We sift through a lot of info over the course of a year. Both for our own sake and the sake of our clients, we are always looking for those things that simplify, clarify, enrich, inform, and otherwise bring a smile to our face.  Here’s our curated list (in no particular order) of what’s worked for us and our clients in the last year and what we think worthy of your consideration.  Cheers to your Best Year Yet!

The Whole Life Challenge.  The Whole Life Challenge is an eight-week online, community-building, habit-changing game that challenges you to create a happier, healthier life by making small changes to your daily habits. Ready to take full responsibility for your health and well-being? This program is worth every penny of the $49 cost.  (Dauntless has a team and $39 Early Bird ends 1/4)

The shift in women’s fitness towards strength training.  It’s on: a steady shift away from cardio machines to strength training as a more effective and efficient path in a time crunched world of steadily declining health outcomes. And, no; you won’t get bulky. You want to feel better? Get stronger? Lose body fat? Look great? Eat carbs? Keep your bones dense? There’s a better way. Truth.

Relay Foods.  There are many online grocery shopping and delivery services. (Washington Green Grocer and Friends & Farms are a couple more we like.)  What we love about Relay is the sourcing of the food (that’s meaningful if you’ve looked at how Big Food supplies you with what you’re eating) and their super cool website that’s a pleasure to shop and will even let you pull your own recipes in and put the ingredients in your shopping cart.

Cafe Mezzanotte.  Restaurants come and go.  Mezz has been around for years and in the last few years began transforming to a “farm to table” dining experience.  In the same vein as Relay Foods – know your local/regional food economy and support it  The food is consistently great.  Fresh and seasonal doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Oh, that risotto…

Fat is back.  Revised guidelines on dietary fat (yolks are back!), as backed by the ever-evolving science of nutrition and ever-revolving door of scientific experts.  This is part of the larger (but sadly, slower) movement towards treating food as food, and moving away from counting calories, grams, nutrients, etc and learning to eat mindfully, healthfully, and in accordance with your natural signals of hunger and fullness. It really can be that simple.  In the meantime, enjoy purging your fridge of all “non-fat” pseudo food. (And if you’re really looking to drop weight, stop drinking your calories and eliminate the added sugar. That’s a great start.)

Meditation is in.  Or at least, the idea that unplugging, disconnecting, powering down, and otherwise getting away from it all without going anywhere is showing up as a simple and profoundly powerful way to make all kinds of good stuff happen.  Think clear mind, lower blood pressure, better relationships, even weight loss…all linked to a simple daily practice designed to quiet the mind and calm all systems.  Om.

Best advice from a 10-year-old  (Sadie Fishburne): start every Monday morning by saying, “this is going to be the start of an awesome week because …..”  Then fill in the blank.  Run the day or the day runs you.

Happy New Year!




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