Needham, MA 112711 Iron body Studios trainers Eric Gahan and Artemis Scantalides photographed on November 27, 2011 by Essdras M Suarez/ EMS Photography at Needham location.

On April 2, 2016 Artemis Scantalides and Dr. Lisa Lewis will be at Dauntless co-presenting a workshop called “I Am Not Afraid To Lift”.  Artemis has presented this workshop all over the country and internationally.

At this workshop Artemis will:

  1. Teach the “unsexy” training methods of lifting weights and eating real, nutrient dense food as it is these “unsexy” methods that are what actually will give you the body you want (read more in her post “Unsexy Training Methods Produce Sexy Results”);
  2. Debunk the bulking myth and focus on three elements: Educate, Empower, Self-Efficacy to help both women and men to not be afraid to lift weights and to truly understand the importance of lifting weights (read more in her post “I Am Not Afraid to Lift Weights”);
  3. Discuss the importance of strength training as it trains you to be prepared for LIFE;
  4. Teach strong mindset strategies for achieving goals; and
  5. Teach strength movements: hinge, squat, upper body push, pull, and core movements that translate to the pull-up, the Turkish-get up, and other ground work.

This workshop is appropriate for women and men who lift of ALL levels, from beginners to advanced lifters.  From those people who have never lifted weights before, to those advanced lifters who want to take their training to the next level by improving program design or by learning new techniques to work towards a specific strength goal such as a weighted pull-up or a max bodyweight press or half bodyweight Turkish get-up.


Dr. Lisa Lewis will be presenting on how your mindset influences everything from your workouts to your relationships.  We are all motivated differently, and her presentation will help you understand your personal sources of motivation and how to call on them and cultivate them for use to your best advantage in all settings.


The workshop runs from 7:30-5pm (check-in from 7:30-8am) Registration here.

Personal Trainers and fitness pros: Even though this workshop is geared towards women and encouraging women to not be afraid to lift weights, it is open to both women and men.  The ratio of women to men attending is usually 5-1.  This will help you to learn how to encourage your female clients to lift heavy weights and work towards a significant strength goal versus the number on the scale. Earn some CEU’s and develop cueing and technique skills and program design for all your clients and women especially.  NASM .8 CEUs and ACE also accepts.  You won’t be disappointed.  Artemis is a NASM Trainer, ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador and StrongFirst Kettlebell Team Leader.  This is an information-packed workshop!

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