“Use strength as a source of complete confidence. There is a real sense of empowerment when we take ownership of different elements that enable achievement.”  Lori Lindsey, US Women’s Soccer, 2011 FIFA World Cup & 2012 London Olympic games.


I met Lori Lindsey at the “I Am Not Afraid To Lift” workshop in 2015.  She shared with the group how training for strength improved her performance as an athlete, both physically and mentally.

I particularly love the quote (above) that I grabbed from her website.  We hear this from clients all the time. Being able to pick up or move something heavy – that’s pretty cool. And even better: strength leaks.

Being and feeling strong physically leaks into other areas of your life.  There’s strength in the gym – and strength in life. There’s feeling strong after lifting something heavy – and feeling strong when life get tough. Be stronger, look stronger, feel stronger.

A strong mind in a strong body is a beautiful thing. Getting progressively stronger with programmed, focused movements enforces in your mind that you can do what you set your mind to.  What you focus on, grows.

Not sure that Lori Lindsey will drop in this time, but Artemis Scantalides and Dr. Lisa Lewis will be co-presenting a workshop on kettlebell lifts and mindset on April 2, 2016.  If you’d like to learn more about lifting in the gym and lifting in life – this is a great workshop for you.


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