Change is hard and we humans don’t do it readily. Small scale (what’s first; coffee or shower?) or large scale (more compassion, less judgment, for example); we like our well-established patterns both conscious and subconscious. The stakes have to be high, the process takes time, many if not most quit and revert back to old patterns, blah blah blah. What’s the point, one might ask? (I hope you’re not asking that.)

Well, I for one am encouraged by the fact that I get to decide – via the dozens of conscious choices I make every day – to either enrich my limited days or detract from their quality. How fortunate I am. And even better, I get to work with others who are on the same path. Changing things for the better for themselves, and arguably those around them following their example.

We work with our clients to modify their movement, eating, and sleeping habits. That covers a lot of life. So, acknowledging that the well-worn grooves of existing habits can be challenging to get out of and a new one challenging to create; we start small.  Small enough that success is practically guaranteed. Absurdly small, sometimes. But it works. And success grows.

We know that movement, food and sleep are tightly interwoven. You know this too. A bad night’s sleep and you’re too tired to move. Lack of movement and you feel stiff and sluggish. Too tired to prep food and you reach for what’s easy and convenient. Eat unhealthy food and you don’t feel like moving. Feel that spiral happening?

And then there’s the upward spiral: a great night’s sleep makes movement easier.  A happier body craves healthier foods. Eating the right food and moving more makes for a better night’s sleep. Yes – it really does work like that.

So while we still advocate starting small, start with something in each of these areas. Take advantage of the upward spiral. Change is hard enough; set yourself up for success. Food. Movement. Sleep. It all works together.

Spiral up or spiral down: your choice!

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