Writing today to share a text message I received from a client recently. Her words exactly:

Hi Louise  – first thank you for continuing to send me the newsletter. Here’s my story. On June 1st you sent “food is easy”. I was intrigued by “Eat real food, not too much, mainly plants.” I have been following this since June 21 and I’ve lost 15 pounds. I’m changing my body in an amazing way (loss of belly fat in particular) and I feel great. It has been the most freeing event that has come into my life in a long time.

  1. No more excessively getting on the scale every morning
  2. I have eliminated obvious sugar from my diet (not real food) and the cravings have stopped
  3. My mantra each day is “EAT REAL FOOD, NOT TOO MUCH, MOSTLY PLANTS”.  I say it first thing and also before I step into a grocery store
  4. No weighing, no portion control… just, am I hungry and am I full. This has reached me at a bone marrow level and the FREEDOM I feel is hard to put into words.

You have always been such a force for good in my life, my gratitude is boundless. Consider yourself hugged.”

Back at you, RS.  So very happy for you. Thanks for allowing me to share your story. And thanks too for your update yesterday:

“…down 20lb and still working it…so so easy! I keep wanting to pinch myself!”

“Easy”. “Freedom”. “Amazing”.   All great words.  Enough said.

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