We all want it. On some level. There’s something we wish were different, something we think we should be doing. And we’ve got solid, good intentions. But…it’s not happening.

Maybe it’s in your approach.

Join us Thursday, January 18th, 6:30pm for a workshop:

Create Habits That Stick.

In this workshop you’ll get clear:

  • What change you want to make,
  • Why,
  • What exactly it will take,
  • How you’ll get it done.

There’s a science (and an art) to changing our habits or creating new ones. Exercising more, eating better, having more patience, increasing productivity – there are simple elements for success and (surprise!) motivation isn’t one of them. Learn what propels success and what derails the best of intentions. Set yourself up for success.

$20. Registration here. 

And if you’d like to follow up with 30 days of practicing your new habit(s), join us for the 2nd round of The Habit Kickstart.  After the workshop on 1/18 you’ll have a private session with a coach before the Kickstart begins on Monday, January 29th.  It’s an online and email based program. $59.  Registration here.

Been around this block with us before? You know how it goes. Begin again.

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