We want you to think differently about the food you eat.  So we are showing a film and hosting a discussion:

Saturday Feb.3rd, 5:30pm

Food is powerful. What you eat:

  • can make you sick or make you feel amazing
  • can contribute to a longer life, or a shorter one
  • can help you learn and thrive, or keep your brain in a fog and your energy levels near zero
  • contributes to the degradation of our home/environment or the preservation and enhancement of it
  • can create disease or cure it.

And, we are more confused than ever about what and how to eat. With this film and some helpful conversation afterwards, we hope to clear up some of that confusion. We hope to simplify things for you.  From co-host Penny Tilghman of Grounded Health & Wellness:

But, mostly, we want people to know how much power food has. Upon their bodies with physical health, mental and emotional well-being. With our economy and poverty levels.  And our environment: water pollution, air pollution, loss of diversity.

Something that seems so simple has the power to impact globally.  And your choices matter on all levels.
So please join the conversation. We’re excited to have with us Beckie Gurley of Chesapeake Farm to Table , Deb Reid, FNP of Instinctive Wellness, and Alex Torres, Chef, former Manager at Whole Foods, now avid backyard farmer.

Food is life. Your choices matter. Please join us.

Saturday, Feb.3, 5:30-8:30pm
Refreshments served.
Bring the family – bring a friend. (The movie is suitable for kids too)
$10 suggested donation/family at the door.

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