Three cheers to Nancy. Her marble cup runneth over. (Bonnie too, right behind her.)

We’ve got a simple method for tracking workouts: finish your workout, drop a marble in your jar. It’s satisfying – hearing the clink of the marble drop into the glass. Or in Nancy’s case, seeing how many she can pile on.

Consistency is important when you’re trying to get or stay in shape. For sure, you need to commit to a program that is sustainable within the context of the rest of your life. Taking full advantage of a surge in motivation and jumping into a workout schedule that you can’t sustain won’t help you in the long run. And creating habits for the long run is just smart.

Nancy likes to golf. So her efforts are directed not only at getting her strong enough to breeze through the day-to-day, but to enhance her stability, mobility, and power on the golf course. Strength training 2x/week is her foundation. What you need to do depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Fitness is simple, really, and the “how” of getting stronger and more capable has evolved much over the years. Whatever your goals; consistency is key. The on again/off again, all or nothing, and more is better approaches…simply won’t get you there.  (We’ve got a simple, sustainable approach that works. We’re happy to chat with you about it.)

Rock on, Nancy. And Bonnie. And Susan. And all the other proud owners of overflowing marble jars. You inspire.

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