Last chance for Early Bird pricing: Returning players $29 / New players $39.

Team Dauntless is growing fast and there’s a solid array of intentions for starting the new year. That’s the beauty of the Whole Life Challenge – you’re a designer and not just a participant:

  • If you’re a competitor (Welcome back, Alex) you can set an aggressive goal, track your points and challenge your teammates to a contest.
  • If you’re an explorer and are drawn to the idea of discovering what makes the biggest impact in your life, there is lots to explore and try, all with the goal of helping you feel great.
  • And if you already know what works best for you and simply want some structure and company  – this program covers the fundamentals beautifully. (Welcome back Bonnie and so many others).  Just begin again.

All with expert coaching, delicious recipes, great ideas, and so much more.

The Whole Life Challenge has been around for a while because it works.  And there are lots of people on our team who have been here before and are back for more, because we stick with what works for us. 

Come and join us. Learn what truly works to make you feel great (and what doesn’t). Hang out with some cool people (lots of wisdom in this group). Have some fun. Feel great. Lose weight. Get stronger. Sleep like a rock. Lots of possibilities here…

…so what do you want for your new year?

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