Something to keep in mind if you’re a recovering perfectionist; imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time.

In other words, better to do something than nothing at all.

This is a powerful mindset if you’re trying to build a new habit (or maintain an existing one), because consistency is key.

Too often, not being able to accomplish a task precisely as conceived or desired results in our taking no action at all.

One of our members walked into the studio one morning last week and said “I’ve only got 30 minutes…” and continued with the reasons her morning plan had to be reshuffled. All legit. Life happens. Plans get tossed.

I offered that “something is always better than nothing” and her trainer went about setting up to take full advantage of her 30 minutes. This works; 1. she’s kept her commitment to herself to stay consistent with her efforts to keep her body strong and vibrant, and 2. she gets the immediate benefits of movement that sets up her mind and body for the rest of her day.

Mission accomplished. Commitment kept. Mind and body happy.

Maybe you’re trying to change your diet. Or exercise more. Or get more sleep. Or complete a project at home. Like with so many things, we have an ideal in our mind of how that will go, when actually there are always numerous ways to make that happen. We forget that small progress is still progress.

Consistency is key if results are what you want. And since life throws curve balls and there are only so many hours in our day, resiliency and flexibility are great skills to cultivate. Feel good now because you did something, instead of feeling regret later because you did nothing.

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