Amidst all the noise about goals around the change in calendar year, there are voices in that noise that understand how focusing on goals rarely creates success. Rather, focusing on the processes (actions) is what move people towards where they want to be (the goal).

A streak is the conscious work of consistency. It’s new and it takes energy. It’s a habit when it starts to get easier. Less mental energy and juggling to make it happen. You’re drawn towards it instead of pushing yourself to it. It makes you smile.

To create a streak you show up every day. Do the work. Return tomorrow and do it again. Day by day. This kind of commitment creates change. And a group of people all working on their streaks can’t help but be mutually supportive. Because when we’re working together to build something new – collaboration – we discover that supporting someone else also benefits us as well.

The Whole Life Challenge is an opportunity for you to create a streak in the fundamentals of health and fitness:

  • eating nourishing food every day (your choices, of course, with help if you need it)
  • monitoring water intake (your brain and heart are upwards of 70% water, so drink up)
  • rest (sleep is king)
  • movement (you’re made for it)
  • relaxation (for real)

The potential benefits of such streaks:

  • clarity / better mood
  • more consistent energy / loss of cravings
  • weight loss
  • gains in strength and mobility
  • improved sleep
  • increased confidence
  • positive outlook
  • this list gets really long but I think you get the idea. 

Our 7th Whole Life Challenge begins Saturday, January 18th. For 6 weeks, we’ll work together and you’ll build the streaks that make you feel great. A supportive community, surrounded by resources and ideas.

Easy. Simple. Effective. Great health is yours to create. We hope you’ll join us.



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