That’s what consistency looks like.

A marble for every workout completed.  And a star on the jar when she couldn’t fit any more marbles so dumped it out and started again. 

That’s a pretty great streak. Built one workout at a time. 

Bonnie is joining us for the Whole Life Challenge, which starts this Saturday. She’s done it a few times with us. On our Team Homepage, I asked everyone their reason for doing the Challenge this time around. Her response:

“Reset. Renew. Refresh.”

That’s a great reason. The holiday season can take it’s toll, even on those who are typically very consistent in their habits. 

With a name like Whole Life Challenge, it’s easy to think that this is one of those turn-your-life-upside-down-and-inside-out kind of programs. Not really. You can approach it like that if you really feel the need.

But we don’t. 

For most of us on Team Dauntless, we’re doing what Bonnie is doing. Getting back to the basics. Those fundamental habits of eating a decent diet, drinking plenty of water, moving around regularly, getting adequate sleep.  

The WLC offers us a chance to do it as a small cohort, just because it’s fun to do it with company. The platform provides a daily checklist for these habits, because typically we can improve what we focus on.  Plus there’s a ton of resources like recipes and workouts, and the collective wisdom of a group of people dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. (Even the most dedicated can get a little out of routine sometimes…)

There’s mostly WLC veterans on our team and lots of renewing, refreshing, and resetting going on. We have just a few spots left if you’d like to join us. It starts this Saturday and runs for 6 weeks. Only $49.

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