Maybe somewhere around the turn of the calendar year you made a promise to yourself. Maybe you started something new, or got back to doing something you used to do.

How are you doing with that?

Gone is the time on the calendar notorious for big ideas, grand schemes, and all or nothing heartfelt commitments. Now we are approaching the time of year where upwards of 80% are experiencing some manner or degree of failure around that grand idea. All too often this ends in quitting altogether, with associated thoughts about failure, inadequacy, it’ll never happen, etc.

Sound familiar? Don’t quit yet.

Measure the growth and not the gap.

The truth is, it’s better to measure your progress backwards against where you started, rather than against your idealized goal. Why? Because change is hard and ideals are moving targets – always distant. Measure what you’ve accomplished and a sense of achievement is available right now. That’s motivating.

  • So maybe you haven’t completely eliminated sugar from your diet, but you’ve cut down significantly, or
  • maybe you’re not the workout warrior gym rat you envisioned, but you’re solid on keeping two appointments per week for some kind of fitness activity, or
  • you’re still not drinking as much water as you think you should, but you’re downing a glass in the morning before your coffee and with every meal, or
  • that meditation thing everyone is talking about isn’t happening, but you’ve started taking a few deep breaths when you catch yourself grinding through your day, and your body relaxes in response.

You’re getting there. Acknowledge that and you’ve given yourself something to build on.

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