A friend remarked recently about how tired she was all the time. She wondered what could possibly be making her feel so tired, that by early evening she felt “exhausted” and could think of nothing else but going to bed.

Running through the list of possible culprits; too much work, too much family, too much news, too much gluten, too much sugar, too much this, too much that. She planned on big changes, starting Monday (of course), to eliminate all the perceived evils sucking the life out of her.

And then she said something interesting; “…unless you want to play Hearts. Then I can stay up all night and play!”

That comment reminded me of this quote DB put on the board. Hmm. Maybe that tired feeling is really the lack of an essential element, like fun? Or creativity? Or laughter?

If you right now had the opportunity to go do something you love, something that takes you away from the grind, the shoulders drop and the smile appears, makes you come alive…would “tired” or “exhausted” keep you from doing it?

Tired and exhausted are real states, for sure. Physical, emotional, mental, social. Days are full and at the end, we’ve had enough.

Or have we? What do you have energy for?

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