HER: “I’m not creative.”

Argue enough for your limitations and sure enough – they’re yours.  

ME: “What if you’re wrong?”

What if;
your definition of creativity is too rigid?
it’s there within you but you don’t recognize it?
you just need to get out of your own way and give it space?
we think beyond art and product and acceptability – and think just about expression?

What if creativity doesn’t have a right or wrong way? 

HER: (and maybe you?) “Well, maybe. But – I’ve never been creative. I just don’t have it in me.”

ME: “But, what if you’re wrong?”  (I bristle when someone puts a Hard Stop on themselves. Probably because I’ve spent a lifetime doing it and it stinks.)

Would you rather be right about your limitations or wrong about your possibilities?

Seriously – what’s the harm in questioning that belief? What’s the harm in NOT questioning it?

No Rules.  A little light under that door you’ve maybe slammed shut on yourself (and maybe even thrown away the key.)

For 30 days, an exploration where there really are no rules.

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