Spring is the season that nature uses to wake up and grow. Maybe you’ve felt it since the days started getting longer and warmer – an urge to do something more, or different? (Besides go to Home Depot and buy mulch and pretty potted plants and vegetable starts?) That’s the nature in you.

Last year I ran a Spring Forward program aimed at helping us manage “lockdown”.  This year I thought we could use that innate, natural drive on something else – of our choosing. Not your typical “30-day challenge”. Think of it more as 30 days of an annual opportunity.

You could tap into your spring and use this 30 days to:

  • Do something healthy
  • Try something new
  • Quit something
  • Set aside time for something
  • anything else you’ve been wanting to do, or do differently.

Keep it simple. Put that energy to use and build some momentum, or just get something done.

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