There seems an almost natural inclination for the change in the calendar year to generate grand schemes to re-create ourselves. I recommend you ignore that idea, regardless of your current level of enthusiasm. Large-scale change is achievable, but it’s hard – really hard. And New Year’s Resolutions have a dismal success rate. You’re probably familiar. 

Sometimes we just want to “get back” to something. This approach is usually easier, as those neurological habit grooves are still there – ready to be fired up again. Given a (relatively) short time and practice, the familiar takes over. The post-holiday season is a good time for this. 

Here’s what I’ve learned and observed: We spend our lives learning how to live. Most of us find a pattern to living that makes some sense and we settle in.

And then we tinker with it. 

That tinkering? That can be fun—a short-term exploration of something new. An idea – maybe backed by science, or the host of a favorite podcast, or maybe just the experience of a best friend or someone you know.

Or, best yet – pure, selfish (in a good way) curiosity.

That’s what I’m doing in January. A little bit of “get back to” plus some tinkering with some new things. Because I’m curious.

And why not? What if it turns out to be amazing, and I wished I’d realized it sooner?!

Want to join me?  Follow along here.  No long-term commitment. No goals. No score sheet. No striving. You can share or just observe. I’ll be sending some emails along the way with ideas, insights, tips, and curated wisdom. It’s always better together.

A week of January has already passed so maybe you’ve already started. Good for you. (And maybe you started but already missed a day or two. That’s pretty normal. Just begin again.) 

Started / not started; doesn’t matter – you can follow along anyway. 

Restoring the regular + some curiosity is what’s motivating me. What about you? 

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