Goals don’t deliver results.

Habits do.

The basics may not be sexy, but they deliver.



The first wealth is health, and we are dedicated to helping you maximize yours. This program aims to help you create your own well-being through daily habits. We guide the process, not dictate the details.

We focus on four areas:

Nutrition (aka food).  Our guidelines tailored with your specifics. No meal plans. No measuring, counting, tracking, or recording what you eat. This is perfect if you already know what works best for you and just want some structure to clean up your act. If you’re not sure what’s best for you and you’re ready to explore and experiment, we’ll guide that process.

Exercise (Movement). You decide what, when and where. Specific goals require specific approaches. Again, your coach will guide you.

Sleep.  Not just getting the hours but setting the stage for restorative sleep.

Water.  Your brain, heart and lungs are upwards of 70% water. Drink up.

Our guidelines are based on that which is consistently validated by both science and empirical evidence. We go with what works; plain and simple. 

While exercise and nutrition science continue to produce one “new best thing” after another, the basics remain the most effective and reliable for improving our health and fitness, day-to-day, and long term. Honestly – changing your habits remains the toughest piece. This program was developed with exactly that in mind.

This program is for you if:

  • you know what works best for you and simply need to get back on track (and want some support and company while doing it)
  • you’re tired of over-generalized programs and are curious to figure out what works best for you, once and for all.

Here are the basics:

  • 30 days. That’s it. This is a kickstart, not a slog.  We trust a little momentum is all you need to get you on your way.
  • Design your habits around the 4 basics: an eating plan (your plan), regular exercise, healthy sleep habits, and daily water intake.
  • Daily communication from your coaches, as well as M-F email/text support. (And you will be assigned your own personal coach.)
  • Program materials: simple and elegant. No daily log-on or tedious tracking.

Thursday, January 18th 6:30pm

Attend the “Create Habits That Stick” workshop to define the habits you’ll be practicing. After that you’ll have a Strategy Session with a coach to be sure you’re fired up and ready to go. The Kickstart begins Monday, January 29th.

Just the workshop? Choose “Create Habits That Stick” at the registration page. $20.

The whole deal? Choose “The Habit Kickstart” at registration and the cost of the workshop is included.

30 days of practice.

Personal – you decide what matters.

Coached – you’ll be supported.


10 Elements of Wicked Good Health.

Proven, immediate benefits from each and every one.

Plus, tips for creating your best health.

Simple, personal, and sustainable.  

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