About Dauntless

Owners Louise Orders & Beth Stewart

After more than a decade working with clients at a large community athletic club, we created Dauntless to continue that work in a smaller, more private setting. Here, along with a select group of highly qualified fitness and health professionals, we can fully support our clients as they pursue their personal health and fitness goals.

Since opening in 2013 we’ve worked with men and women of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.  We are proud of the collaborations we build with our clients, who look to us to filter the rapidly changing and confusing volumes of information and advice about fitness, food, and health. Our focus is your success, and we’ll help you clarify your goals, design the path to reach them, and work with you to achieve them.

We offer fitness training that makes you feel strong and capable. Nutrition coaching that simplifies and demystifies food and brings back the pleasure of eating. Coaching that shifts your thinking towards a lifestyle of healthy habits. Massage therapy that reconnects you with your body and enhances your innate restorative ability. We see health and fitness as the sum of our habits, practiced daily. Not fanatical, not perfect. The fundamentals work every time.

Trust the process. We’ll show you how.

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