By the time I turned 50 I’d had 2 major back surgeries along with surgeries to repair arthritis damage in both wrists. I knew by the time I reached retirement a wheelchair was going to be in my future. That was not going to happen. I needed to get strong.  I needed some help.  Searching for a personal trainer was easy, Louise came highly recommended.  Fast forward, I am now nearing 60 and not only am I not in a wheelchair but through my work with Louise I am the strongest I have ever been. 

Maureen Hervada


I was uncomfortable in my own body, I was losing strength and balance, thinking of knee replacement, and at 67 years old, I thought that was how the aging process worked.  As I celebrate my one year anniversary with Dauntless, so much has changed for me. I am stronger, my balance is better and I’ve lost 30 pounds but, more importantly, my confidence has improved. Thanks to Dauntless, a knee that was giving me problems is no longer an issue. Thanks to Dauntless, my eating habits have improved and continue to evolve in a better direction.  The personal attention made a huge difference and gave me the help I needed to improve my diet and my fitness. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive but the trainers give clients the push they need to get stronger. For me, the warm community atmosphere that is unique to Dauntless was critical to my investment in the process. I am thrilled with the changes that I’ve seen in myself since I started working out at Dauntless and I’m relieved to find out that it’s possible to be fit and fabulous at any age. 

Cindy Whittles


We started with Dauntless as weekend warriors to get strong and work out with a community. The coaches have made it possible for us to adapt and work on our fitness goals no matter what we experience as we age. When the pandemic changed our work schedules, we felt fortunate to add two more workouts each week with Louise, who designed opportunities to fit our new environment. We work out with experienced coaches and a fun, dedicated group. It’s a lifestyle we love, and it enables and inspires all of our other adventures.

Kevin & Chris Zachery

Over the years and even through aches and breaks, Louise has kept me active and strong.  Thanks to her I enjoy an active retirement which includes scuba diving and volunteering on behalf of animals.

Sue Youngs, Since 2010


I came to Louise after the birth of my 6th child, never having exercised regularly. Working with her has helped me develop great physical and mental strength. Together the two have given me the confidence to participate in some awesome experiences, including the 56-mile bikeleg of the Savageman Half-Ironman! Working with Louise as a mentor has taught me that more than anything else it’s about the choices we make. My choice has been to take life’s difficulties and use them as stepping stones.  Taking challenges with a positive attitude has shown me a better place. 

Penny Tilghman


I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Not an easy thing to hear at my relatively young age of 50. I asked the doctor for 6 months to lower my blood sugar by changing my lifestyle. I realized Louise could help me. We worked together on a food and exercise plan. She asked me tough questions that made me examine my life. My results are completely mind blowing! I’ve lost 70 lbs, 50 in, and my blood sugar is completely acceptable. My doctor was floored! Louise has patiently, gently, and with a wealth of knowledge helped me come this far. My goal is to LIVE!     Ann McGowan, ASID

Ann McGowan, ASID


I worked with Louise for many years and it was an amazing period of personal growth. She is focused on helping her clients embrace change effectively and on owning their choices. If you’ve reached that point where you’re ready to make a change, to overcome obstacles, to think, eat, or act differently then get ready; she’ll help you move.

Dr. Leigh Clayton, DVM

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