Feel better. Get stronger. Gain confidence.


I was uncomfortable in my own body, I was losing strength and balance, thinking of knee replacement, and I thought that was how the aging process worked.  Now, I am stronger, my balance is better and I’ve lost 30 pounds but, more importantly, my confidence has improved. Thanks to Dauntless, a knee that was giving me problems is no longer an issue. Thanks to Dauntless, my eating habits have improved and continue to evolve in a better direction.  The personal attention made a huge difference. I am thrilled with the changes that I’ve seen in myself since I started and I’m relieved to find out that it’s possible to be fit and fabulous at any age. 

Cindy Whittles

Challenge your assumptions – about fitness, and aging.

What it takes to feel better and get stronger is not what you think it is.

We specialize in highly effective workouts,
designed to achieve maximum fitness return with minimum time spent. 

Much of what you see about the fitness industry is geared towards vanity, athletes, and gym warriors. Which is great, if that’s your thing.  We all want to look good, and most of us have some inner athlete that would serve us well. (Only a small number of us want to be gym warriors, but thankfully we don’t have to give up that much of our life to get the fitness we want.)

Movement (aka exercise) is the best anti-aging drug available. It is the key to a resilient body – a body that allows you to live large. It adds vitality to your everyday life, the mobility to explore pain-free, and an opportunity to thrive in a world plagued by chronic illness.

Anxiety, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis (bone loss), muscle loss, cognitive decline, hypertension, cardiovascular disease…movement is the best preventive medicine, as well as the best way to improve your mood and how you feel right now. 


You don’t need to be a gym warrior. Or an athlete.
Whether you want to get rid of your aches & pains, improve your game, or just be ready for whatever lies ahead; Fitness is for everybody.
And you just need to start. 

Fitness designed for you, not for the masses.

A relaxed, private studio.

Professionals dedicated to your success.

What do you want to achieve?

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