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Constructive Rest Position

Have you ever gone to stand up after sitting for a while – at a desk, in a car, at a movie, on your sofa – and you just…can’t…get…all…the…way…straight and tall? Or, you feel better when you’re just a little bit tipped forward? Good chance that’s a tight, constricted Psoas muscle. It’s big, it’s strong, and it’s bossy.

The psoas (pronounced so-as) is a core muscle and an integral part of a balanced and functional body. As a major player in back pain, knee injuries and tight hips, it is often the psoas that disrupts range of motion and keeps you wanting to bend forward or curl up rather than stand tall and balanced.

Releasing accumulated stress helps keep the psoas healthy. While we often actively stretch and “turn-on” this muscle with movements in our warm-ups, this muscle can take good care of itself when we “do the simplest thing possible”.

Constructive Rest Position

If that name isn’t simple enough for you, call this Psoas release. Or Low Back Pain reliever. Or sometimes, it can be called the 5-Minute Miracle. Whatever you call it, this is often exactly what you need to not only quiet an angry back, but soothe, rest, and reinvigorate your entire body. (Yeah – psoas is a major player in all that…)

Simply rest on your back, knees bent with feet on the floor parallel to each other, about hip width apart. Place your heels approximately 16 inches away from your butt. Don’t push your low back to the floor or tuck your pelvis. (Just chill.)

Keep your arms below shoulder height, resting them by your sides or on your belly. Let gravity do the work to release the tension.

Start with 10 minutes a day. (Notice how challenging it can be to resist the drive to do more…)


  • As simple as it gets; just lie here and breathe easy.  The deeper and easier the breath – the more powerful the response. (But don’t work at it – your body knows how to breathe.)
  • You can also rest your lower legs on something about knee height, like a chair seat, if more comfortable that way.


  • Quiets, calms, soothes, releases a big, powerful, muscle that influences almost every move you make.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Fights desk disease.
  • Gives your body a chance to take care of itself. (Like it can heal a cut or fight a pathogen.)

Be well. Stay well. Help others.

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