Winter programming starts December 16th, 2017. 

Registration is rolling – join anytime.


  • Group meets Wednesdays 6pm and Saturdays 10am
  • 2 strength training sessions/month held at Dauntless Fitness in Severna Park. Strength training makes you a stronger runner and reduces your chance of injury.  These workouts are tailored to your level of fitness and ability.

  • 6 training runs/month.   Most runs will be held on the AACC campus; easy access, free and plentiful parking, even and varied terrain. 

  • $85 per month, 3 month minimum  (Why the minimum? We develop training programs that produce results and those results take time and commitment to achieve. We’re committed to your success.)

    You’ll have the ongoing professional support from run coach Jim Cleveland, a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist who is an experienced 5K to Marathon runner and runner’s coach. Nutrition, mechanics, race prep, program design, footwear – Jim will cover it all. 

“When I was surfing your website per recommendation from Rebecca Fishburne, I found the write up about your running group.  I signed up with the hope that it would afford me the accountability of a run on my calendar. The group exceeded my expectations. I found myself wanting to show up for the group runs on Tuesday and Saturdays. This is something, in recent years, that has not occurred. This running group was exactly what I needed to help start an exercise routine. I would love to be a part of another group.”


“What a fun time!  Perfect for the beginning runner.  Jim started us at short distances, while keeping us at a good tempo to increase distance throughout the 8 week clinic.  He provided information on safety, foot wear, and warming up before and after a run (all the while telling us fantastic stories to make us forget we were working out:).  Jim also provided weekly work out plans to keep us on track in between meeting days.  I definitely would do this again!  Thanks, Jim!”


I was searching for a place where I could establish a baseline for overall better heath. In the past, I worked out on my own at the local gym by taking fitness classes and running on the treadmill. I realized that I needed a change and signed up with Jim! He helped me integrate resistance training and nutrition with a regimented running schedule.  This helped me run on schedule, recover adequately, and, as time marched on, grow in confidence! I started the race in cold and windy weather, but later on with the sun shining strong, I finished the race with a big smile on my face!”


Do you:

Want to have fun, get healthier, and meet like-minded people?

Want to run a race, but don’t know how to train?

Want to increase your speed?

Want to learn how to run without injury, but don’t know how to start?

Want to set your sights on a longer distance race?

Join us and be part of a dynamic group that will foster unwavering support, accountability, and camaraderie!

10 Elements of Wicked Good Health.

Proven, immediate benefits from each and every one.

Plus, tips for creating your best health.

Simple, personal, and sustainable.  

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