Women’s Self Defense

Saturday, June 1, 12-2pm 

Ms. Maria Patalinghug has been teaching martial arts and self defense for 25 years. She’s coming to Dauntless to teach us how to defend ourselves when the unthinkable happens. 

We’re all guilty of walking around distracted; looking at our phone, lost in thought, just generally unaware of our surroundings. Or, we go for a walk, a run, or a ride by ourselves for some peace and quiet. Or, we travel to unfamiliar places and are never quite sure of our surroundings. All of these scenarios can make us a target – and the unthinkable happens fast.  

This is for us – and those we love. A phone isn’t enough once physical contact is involved.  Ms. Maria will teach us the responses that are most effective – and we’ll learn by doing, not just watching. 

$40/person. Space is limited to 15. 

Marine Corps Marathon 10k, Sunday October 27th, 2019


Many of us ran this great race for the first time back in 2010. One of us has done it every year since – and we’ll be celebrating her 10th running this year!

This is a great local event and has the been the “first 10k” for many Dauntless clients.  Whether this is your first or not, join us for training runs as we get ready! (And join us for some strength training too, to support your running!)

Check out race details and registration here:  MARINE CORPS MARATHON 10K 

And then let us know you’re joining us. We’ll add you to the board, let you know about our training runs, include you in transportation plans to/from DC on race day and of course; the post-race celebration!

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