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Working with a coach is an investment in yourself.  And you are absolutely worth it.

Coaching is about creating movement in your life; discovering and reinforcing your strengths, finding your motivation, working through obstacles, and creating a life of your choosing.

Coaching prompts change that is authentic to you – because if it’s not you then your success won’t last. This is not about you following my plan for a great life, or anyone else’s.  I believe you are the expert in your life, even if you don’t feel that way now. We establish your priorities and implement strategies that respect your current life circumstances but also challenge you to change it up. Most importantly, we identify your thoughts and beliefs that limit you, and replace them with honesty and inspiration.

Working with me,

  • You take action and change happens immediately.
  • You create new habits that nourish you and crowd out the habits that drain you.
  • You gain confidence in your ability to achieve the goals you set.
  • You experience the spark of inspiration, and the joy of momentum.
  • You live with a deeper, more meaningful sense of well-being.
  • Your weight drops, your health improves, and exercise brings vitality.

How do I know? My clients demonstrate these results every day.  Over and over.

Working with a coach is for anyone with an open mind and a desire to break out of old patterns. Regardless of the matter(s) you bring to our work together, you will find that the benefits spill over into many aspects of your life. The skills you learn, the tools you acquire, and your new perspective can be applied anywhere, anytime.

How are sessions conducted?  We can meet in person or conduct our sessions by phone or Skype. The frequency of our meetings is flexible, but designed to help you maintain momentum. I also offer on-going email coaching in-between sessions.  I require a minimum of four sessions, however returning clients are welcome to schedule solo sessions to refresh their priorities and refocus personal goals.

Connect with me to get started.


Louise Orders received her coaching certificate from Results Coaching, now the Neuroleadership Institute. She has been working with individuals and groups for over ten years, always focusing on each person’s unique gifts and skills and challenging them to think outside their perceived limits. Her continuing education over the years enables her to bring a multi-faceted approach to her work with clients.

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