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Plank variations.

Great abs are, well, great. High on most people’s list. We get it. High on our list is a strong body overall, and a strong core is the necessary foundation. Beyond “abs”, your core muscles are all the muscles that make up the cylinder of your torso (or trunk), and support, stabilize and protect your spine. This enables the lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling movements of your arms and legs and smooth, coordinated whole-body dynamic movements. (Like a golf swing, for example.)

Weak core = weak body.  A strong core is the power behind every other movement, so basically, you’re only as strong as your core can allow you to be.  First job of your core is to stabilize and support your spine. Planks are great for that.

1. Toe tap plank

  • Set up in a low plank, on your elbows and toes. Start with your feet together. 
  • Gently brace your trunk muscles.
  • Lift one leg slightly and tap it out to the side – going as far as you can without your body tilting.  Return to start and repeat with your other leg.

Do as many reps as you can without your hips sagging/back arching/body tilting

2. Knee-drop plank.

  • Set up in a low plank. Elbows directly under shoulders, spine long, feet about hip-width apart. 
  • Gently brace your trunk muscles.
  • Keeping everything else as still as possible, bend one knee to tap the ground.
  • Straighten that leg, and repeat with the other. 

Do as many reps as you can without your hips sagging/back arching/body tilting.

That too easy? Try tapping both knees at the same time. 

Remember; knee drops, but nothing else moves.  Simple, but not easy! 


  • Never repeat bad form! Doing them wrong makes you weaker, not stronger and risks strain/injury.
  • Go slow and pay attention to your core muscles doing their job.
  • Normal breath pattern.


  • Strengthens your whole body by strengthening your core.
  • Prepares your upper and lower body for load-bearing strength work.
  • Improves your posture.
  • Fights desk disease.
  • Leads to great abs (even if they are under your added COVID/winter insulation. Lose that through diet and let those abs shine!)

Be well. Stay well. Help others.

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