“Tell me,

what is it you want to do

with your one

wild and precious life?”


– Mary Oliver


I’m one of those lucky people who loves what they do. I’ve worked as a fitness and health coach for over 20 years, with the primary goal of helping my clients get as strong, agile, and capable as they want to be, to live the life they choose.

Movement is essential to health and vitality. There are plenty of reasons we don’t get what we need: professional demands, busy family schedules, and to some degree the culture we live in, increasingly committed to ease and convenience.  This is often the source of our aches and pains, of body, mind and spirit.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our bodies are brilliant, amazing, and adaptive. You have incredible control of the experience of your life. Let’s challenge your assumptions, of both what you think you can do, and what it takes to get it done. 

Fitness is freedom. It’s for everyone, and simpler than you think.

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