Eating should be easy.

The best diet is the one that works best for you.
What does that look like? Nutrient-dense food in appropriate quantities to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and health priorities.

Our approach to food and eating is honest, grounded in time-tested principles, and without added products or supplements.

Our goal is to help you discover your personal best diet, to follow for life.

Our approach:

  • Practical steps to eating nourishing food in appropriate quantities. Real food, simplified.
  • Simple tracking to monitor your progress.
  • On-going email support for questions and inspiration.

We will:

  • Listen to your needs and what you want to accomplish,
  • Learn how you live day-to-day and plan a do-able approach, what gets in the way of your good intentions,
  • Guide you through the process of establishing habits that will lead you to your goals and handle what life throws at you along the way.

Improving the quality and consistency of your diet is one of the very best investments you can make in your overall health, and a powerful tool for feeling your best every day.

We are Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches; ready to guide you with a science-based, research-driven program for creating a stronger, healthier you. Precision Nutrition is the largest nutrition coaching and research company in the world.  They are passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, just like us.

One-on-one Consultations



  • In-person or virtual.
  • A basic questionnaire to give us some background (pre-meeting), making our appointment about solutions. 
  • Answer your questions to address knowledge gaps and make sure you’re being guided by accurate information
  • Gain clarity and focus on where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.
  • Develop specific actions to immediately start feeling better.

Weekly Check-Ins

$160 /month


  • For anyone who has already had a 1:1 Consultation.
  • Four in-person or virtual check-ins to discuss your progress and make changes as needed (app.20-30 minutes)
  • On-going text/email support and inspiration
  • All four meetings must be used within 30 days.

Get Started.

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