First move well, then move often. 

Movement is a sign of life. Exercise as practiced today often overlooks fundamental movement patterns, which often results in injury, strain, or lack of desired result. Add to that how our environment has been adapted for comfort and convenience, and the lack of physical activity contributes to a list of health problems.

Movement is medicine, exercise is a life-changer.  But before you dive into an exercise program to get fit, make sure your body can move well. First move well, then move often.

We design programs based on your ability to move. And we progress from there. Safely and effectively.

Feel better. Get stronger. Look better. Gain confidence. Let’s go.

Private Personal Training

1:1 personal training specifically tailored to your goals.  Private training is an investment in your health that pays enormous dividends. Emphasis on form, progression, learning, and challenge.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Training in groups of no more than four people. Semi-private training builds camaraderie in a mutually supportive group. You’ll be working your own program while maintaining a close coach/client relationship.

Small Group Personal Training

Working out in a group is fun, cost effective, and offers motivation and crowd support.  This is personal training in a small group format, not group exercise where you’re watching an instructor and trying to copy the moves.  You’ll get stronger, leaner, more flexible, and have fun doing in.  See our Small Group Class Schedule. $20/class. (60 mins)  NOTE: New clients must schedule a free initial consult prior to participating in the groups.  This is to evaluate your baseline fitness, ensure your safety and reduce your risk of strain and/or injury.

Let’s go!

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