Personalized fitness

Change the story.   The aging process is real, but there is the story you inherit and the story you choose to write.  Typically associated with a decline in both movement and quality of life, it is easy to assume that aging is the cause of your aches and pains, stiffness, inflexibility and low energy. Why your drive is 15 yards shorter.  Why your footwork is a little less adept on court.  Why your legs are tired after that walk. Why your back aches most of the time. Because you’re getting older, right? That’s the story you’ve inherited.

It’s wrong. The fundamental error is in assuming that aging is the cause. The ways you move (or don’t move), diet, sleep, habits, and environmental stresses all influence our health and quality of life today and in the long run.  You have tremendous influence over this natural process. 

We design your program based on your current physical fitness and we progress from there. Safely and effectively. Whether you’re an athlete, an active person, or a sedentary person wishing to be more active; we’re ready for you.


Feel better. Get stronger. Gain confidence.

Private Training

  • 1:1 personal training specifically tailored to your goals
  • An investment in your health that pays enormous dividends
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Starting at $320/month

Semi-Private Training

  • Training with up to 3 others.
  • Individualized program designed specifically for you.
  • 30 & 60 minute options
  • Starting at $200/mo

Small Group Training

  • Personal training in a small group format.
  • 8 classes/week to choose from.
  • Emphasis on form, progression, and learning.
  • Starting at $160/mo

Get started.

We want to be sure we’re the best fit for you.  In a short intro conversation, we’ll talk about your goals and our process. Done virtually or in the studio, we can explore options for working together.  We want you confident that we are the right approach for you.

No cost. No obligation. No sales pitch. Ready? Let’s go!

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