Feel better. Get stronger. Gain confidence.

Challenge your assumptions.

Fitness in a gym can be fun. But having the fitness you want and need to live a life of your choosing; that’s golden.

Whatever you love to do – travel, golf, boating, gardening, cycling, diving, hiking, running – you need strength and mobility to stay pain and injury-free.

The aches and pains that you may associate with aging or genetics are often side-effects of daily living; our work, a previous injury, or poor posture or mechanics. Your body is resilient, and fitness is for everyone.

Dauntless is a small, private, personal training studio. It’s a wonderful community of people all seeking their personal best – one workout at a time. Here, at your pace, you’re invited to challenge your assumptions of what you’re capable of.

How do you want to feel?
What do you want to do?

Let’s go!

Get started.

We can meet virtually or in the studio and explore options for working together.
Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

4 + 1 =

Over the years and even through aches and breaks, Louise has kept me active and strong.  Thanks to her I enjoy an active retirement which includes scuba diving and volunteering on behalf of animals. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Louise as my trainer. 

Sue Youngs

My husband and I work with Louise, and through her efforts, we are both much more fit and active…playing golf and hiking. We highly recommend her.  (She’s also worked with us to eat a healthier diet

Nancy & Dave Lewis

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