First move well, then move often, then add load. 

Movement is essential for your body, mind and spirit. Exercise is a life-changer. But before you dive into an exercise program to “get fit”, be sure your body can move well. First move well, then move often.  

We design your program based on your current physical fitness and we progress from there. Safely and effectively. Whether you’re an athlete, an active person, or a sedentary person wishing to be more active; we’re ready for you. Start where you are.

Feel better. Get stronger. Gain confidence.


Private Personal Training

1:1 personal training specifically tailored to your goals.  Private training is an investment in your health that pays enormous dividends. Emphasis on form, progression, learning, and challenge. Programs starting at $300/month with a 3-month commitment required.

Semi-Private Training

Training in groups of up to four people. Semi-private training builds camaraderie in a mutually supportive group. You’ll be working your own program while maintaining a close coach/client relationship. Programs starting at $200/month.

Small Group Personal Training

Our Small Group Training is fun, cost effective, and offers motivation and crowd support.  This is personal training in a small group format, not group exercise where you’re watching an instructor and trying to copy the moves.  You’ll get stronger, leaner, more flexible, and have fun doing in.  See our Small Group Class Schedule.   Starting at $160/month.

Get started.

Your first step is to schedule a strategy session. We want to be sure we’re the best fit for you.  We’ll give you a tour of our facility along with an in-depth explanation of exactly what it’s like to be a part of the Dauntless community.

In your strategy session, one of our coaches will sit down with you to discuss your health history, any past or current injuries you might have, and your specific goals. They will take this time to truly get to know you and hear about everything you’d like to accomplish.

Next is a quick physical assessment to get a sense of how you move currently. This is your starting point and remember: first move well. 

After the physical assessment we’ll talk about your options for reaching your goals. By the end you should have a great sense of whether or not we are the right approach for you.


This strategy session is FREE.  We want to show you what we’re all about, and there’s no better way to do that than to meet with you in person.

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