Jim Cleveland

What’s Up? Magazine 2018

“Best Running Coach”

  • Do you love to run?
  • Are you hitting your goals?
  • Want to add running to your fitness program and stay healthy and sound?
  • Want to add strength training to your running program to get stronger and faster?

Whatever your running goals – Jim can help you make them happen.

Certified through the National Sports Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Jim has worked with clients from the age of six to eighty-two years of age, including special populations.  He has been actively training in the fitness industry for over fifteen years.

One of Jim’s specialties is working with runners, based in part on his own experience and success from 5k to marathon distances.  He has coached runners at all levels and all distances.

The Running Coach Program is designed for those who wish to incorporate running as part of their lifestyle or who want to enhance their current run training and improve their performance.

The initial program consists of 2 sessions.  Your first 60-minute session includes:

  1. A posture and gait analysis.  This assesses how you are currently moving and identifies any functional imbalances.
  2. A static screening to evaluate hip mobility and hamstring tightness.
  3. A dynamic screening to evaluate balance on stable and unstable surfaces.
  4. A video analysis of your running on a treadmill with specific attention to: head position, shoulder alignment, arm movement, torso orientation, pelvic posture, hip extension, knee extension, and foot strike pattern.
  5. A comprehensive review of all information collected.

Your second session (60 minutes) is focused on developing efficient running technique, increasing muscle strength, and reducing the chance of running injuries. This includes nutritional recommendations and ​intake for optimal performance.  If requested, a running schedule will be created.

The two session program is $175. After your initial two sessions, further program development and run coaching is available per your request. The collaboration is yours to design.

Some happy clients:


“Jim was a dedicated, skilled, attentive coach as he prepared the three of us to run the 2018 George Washington Parkway Classic 10-Miler.  We all had incredibly busy schedules and he went above and beyond to accommodate us so we could get our training runs in. On race day we had a plan, and he made sure we executed every aspect of it. He knew our strengths and weaknesses, and he certainly had a way of motivating each of us. We had a blast, and we’ve all set new goals and look forward to Jim helping us reach them.”

Louise Orders, Beth Stewart, and Penny Tilghman

“I was part of a boot camp program and ended up with a torn ACL. Eight months and an extra 15 pounds later, a friend told me about Jim Cleveland.  I was at the point where I was scared to exercise or run, afraid that I might cause further injury.  I was overweight and depressed, which left me without the energy for my kids and demanding job.  I didn’t know where to start or how to get the nerve up to try and get back into a fitness routine.

In a one-on-one training environment, I knew that the exercises I was doing were safe and that Jim was paying close attention to my form to prevent injury.  I learned how to run for weight loss on the days that I wasn’t in the gym, using my heart rate as a guide to burn fat.  I learned that my lack of eating throughout the day and nighttime binges in the evening had my metabolism out of whack.

In six months after starting with Jim, I lost 10 pounds, 10 inches, and went from 24.7 to 17.5% body fat, and trained for and completed a marathon. I work with Jim to set new goals every few months, and I know he’s there to help me achieve them every time.

“I was searching for a place where I could establish a baseline for overall better heath. In a one-on-one fitness training environment, I knew that I was going to have the proper guidance to move towards my fitness goals. Jim was able to create and structure my regular training sessions, which helped me lose weight, increase my cardiovascular capacity, and gain strength.

My sister invited me to run with her in the 2013 Zooma Half-Marathon on Amelia Island, Florida. I embarked on a four month running training program and Jim helped me integrate resistance training and nutrition with a regimented running schedule.  This helped me run on schedule, recover adequately, and, as time marched on, grow in confidence! I started the race in cold and windy weather, but later on with the sun shining strong, I finished the race with a big smile on my face!”

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